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3 Floral Place
Nepean, On. K2H 6N8

About Crystal Staff (Ottawa)

Crystal Staff is a charitable organization that is part of a larger worldwide group of Buddhist groups and Dharma Centres whose root teacher was the Venerable Namgyal Rinpoche. The teaching of this tradition is eclectic, with a foundation in Tibetan Vajrayana and Theravadin Buddhist practices, but also includes explorations of Western Mystery traditions as well as many modern scientific, mystical, and psychological developments and studies.

According to the bylaws, Crystal Staff’s objects are:

  1. the teaching and practice of meditation and
  2. the study of philosophy and religion as the performance of charitable work in Canada.
  3.        to promote the study and practice of the Dharma (Sanskrit – Truth) according to the tradition of all schools of Buddhism; and
  4.        to promote the study and practice of oriental and occidental philosophical and religious traditions in general;
  5.        to establish and/or promote facilities for the study and practice of Dharma;
  6.        to provide facilities for and to pay salaries to, and to pay the expenses of, the resident and visiting teachers and members of various religious orders;
  7.       to provide libraries; also to promote translations and publications pertaining to the study of Dharma;
  8.          to preserve relics, images and sacred objects associated with Buddhist and other religious traditions.
  9. there is an annual General Meeting (usually May/June)
  10. Memberships are due at the beginning of each year
  11. Members in good standing may,
    • Be nominated to the Board of Directors (usually after holding membership for one year)
    • Vote for nominees to the Board of Directors
    • Present topics for discussion and decision and
    • Participate in the discussion on and development of various issues concerning the work of Crystal Staff.