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Mark Webber’s 2205 – 2006 itinerary

Visiting Teachers

An Exploration of the Path of Awakening
with Karma Chime Wongmo

Classes on January 19, 21 & 23 2005 at 7:30 pm
Day of Meditation on Peace and Clearing the Senses
Sat. Jan 22, 2005 from 9 am to 4 pm

At 66 Blackburn Ave. in Sandy Hill
For directions contact: 233-6965

The path of awakening as taught in Buddhist and other
eastern and western traditions is a rich vehicle for
attaining liberation from the states of suffering that
inhibit the full unfoldment of our human potential.
The study and practice of the path of awakening has been
undertaken by innumerable beings, over mileniums of time,
drawing up on many traditions and teachings.
In this series of classes and day of meditation, Karma Chime
Wongmo will guide us in explorations of the themes of awakening
as taught in Buddhist and other traditions. A rich overview and
orientation will be provided as well as practical exercises that are
suitable for both new and experienced meditators.

Karma Chime Wongmo is a long-time member and friend of the Dharma Centre of
Canada. She began studying with Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche in 1968 and in 1980
was ordained as a nun by His Holiness the XVIth Karmapa of Tibet. In 1975,
she co-founded The Open Path; a Centre for Eastern and Western Studies in
Boise Idaho, where she began teaching Dharma. From 1982 to 1985 she did an
intensive retreat in the rainforest of Costa Rica. Upon returning to Canada,
she attended and taught at the Dharma Centre’s Kinmount Seminary and
Academy. Karma Chime is currently serving as the Dharma Centre’s Resident
Teacher. She also teaches at other centres and groups in Ontario

Here is a tentative travel-teaching itinerary for Mark Webber


Jan.14th-Feb.5th Galiano Island, B.C. Vital Breath Retreat, Four Foundations of Mindfulness and Anapanasati – exploring Prana to unfold the awake mind.

Feb.5th & 6th Teaching in Vancouver, B.C. The Nature of Freedom and the Ego.

Feb.9th-20th Dharma Centre of Canada, Ontario. Vajra Yogini and Mahamudra Retreat

Feb.20th Teaching in Toronto, Ontario. The Nature of Freedom and the Ego.

Feb.21st-25th Mark studying at the University of British Columbia.

Mar.2nd & 3rd Christchurch, N.Z. (to be confirmed)

Mar.4th-13th New Zealand, South Island. Wangapeka Educational Trust, Wondrous Embodiment: An Exploration of Micro and Macro. During this course Mark will lead us in explorations with microscopes, movement and meditation that will highlight the vast interconnectedness of myriad dimensions of life. Part of The Wangapeka Buddhadharma Study and Meditation program.

March 16th &17th Christchurch, N.Z. (to be confirmed)
March 19th-24th Queenstown, N.Z. Evenings: Relationships, Sexuality, Meditation and Liberation. Mornings: 3-4 hour microscopic explorations of Lake Wakitipu. Fun mini-course on freshwater plankton and the diversity of life.

March 26th-April 3rd – Queenstown, N.Z. course and retreat: “Meditations through Art” Lama Yongdu (Mark Webber) will focus on the major issues facing young women and men growing up in today’s world. He will talk about cultural, family and environmental pressures that support anxiety, and the needs for affection, power, withdrawal and submission. Going beyond the thinking mind, through art, physical exercises and other meditations, we will explore these issues and get practical advise on release from negative states. This is not a psychotherapy course but unfolding through study and meditation. (May give a Wongkur or two during this course)

April.4th-10th New Zealand, Travel and explorations. Fellow travellers are welcome to join us!!

April.11th-April 24th. Retreat: The Meditation on Breath and the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. Course and Silent Retreat. Makarora Homestead and Holiday House, N.Z. One and a half hours drive away from Queenstown.

April 26th-29th Travel up West Coast, N.Z. Fellow travellers are welcome to join us!!

April 30th-May.6th Dharma teachings and nature explorations at Punakiki, N.Z. And Microscopic adventures of the Ocean. (To be confirmed)

May 7th-10th Fossil and Mineral Collecting Trip (Interior of South Island, N.Z.) or further marine plankton studies on the west coast. Fellow travellers are welcome to join us!!

May 13th-19th Teachings in Queenstown, N.Z. How to Meditate On and Understand Dreams: dream work from the ancient Buddhist Yoga tradition, psychology and science. Lama Yongdu will teach various meditations by which night dreams and daydreams are liberated and transformed.

May 20th & 21st Teachings in Christchurch, N.Z. (To be confirmed)

May 22nd – Fly to Vancouver and then onto Europe.

June 1 to 14, Israel retreat and evening teachings in Tel Aviv, Generosity and Loving Kindness. Space is available to anyone who wants to join the retreat.

July 1st-21st Galiano Island, B.C. summer retreat (subject to be announced, Mark is open to requests )

August Ladakh, Northern India. Mahamudra retreat at Atitse Gompa (14 days). And trek into Zanskar Valley and passes (10 days). Currently this trip is full with a waiting list.

September, India/Africa trip (to be confirmed) Fellow travellers are welcome to join us!!

October to December, The Rossland Retreats, B.C. See follow-up email annoucing details


August to December, 5-6 month retreat, place to be confirmed currently in planning phase. Anyone seriously interested, we would like to hear from you.